welcome to la coop

digitalization, blockchain, marketplace, agility, big data, user experience, digital identity, mobility, artificial intelligence ...

The ants intervene in the world of electronic banking and payment for the financial, retail or transport sectors,  and work daily with these new methods and technologies. However, the heart of innovation for La Coop is not there. The ants focus on promoting the place of the human being at the heart of organizations and try to bring a new COOPerative vision of consulting. This conviction is at different levels.

In the practice of their missions, the ants are aware that beyond their business expertise in electronic banking, digital payment, or fraud management, project management is primary based on human qualities; caring, humor and creativity stimulate and enhance relationships with our customers and colleagues.

The ants form a colony that favors mutual help and humor, and of course the colony also has its grunts 😊. La Coop brings together partners, employees and some independent COOPeratives, combining complementary skills and personalities.

The ants have invented an innovative business model that ensures fair income sharing. La Coop has a solid financial base (we are proud of our G3 + rating at the Banque de France) but doesn't set any targets for growth or profits. La Coop has made the choice to not have offices to encourage exchanges online or at the local coffee shop...

La Coop doesn't forget its social and environmental commitment; in 2014, we joined the UN world pact. And yes, La Coop insists as well to donate to charities. And even if we are small, we have our CSR action plan!

Finally, the ants don't forget to have fun through various initiatives to animate their activity: include the avatars and illustrations of Elvire, goodies, THE annual seminar of the colony and other festivities.

La Coop has grown since its creation in 2012. Today, it brings together more than 45 experienced project experts and project managers. Our customers, large companies, but also mobile banks, fintech & start up, seem to like our model and trust us as La Coop really cares about them, respects its commitments and make sure to make their projects a good success.